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More Than Just a Hair Stylist

As a third generation stylist, Lex loves helping her clients look and feel great, and matching each one’s unique personality with their outward appearance.

Lex is exceptionally artistic, but rather than paint and canvas, she prefers shears and haircolor as her medium.

From a young age, Lex has known how important it is to have proper training, and to leave your hair in the hands of licensed professionals. She doesn’t want to be a stylist that simply goes through the motions; she loves to hear your goals and ideas for your hair, and do everything she can to make you “feel like yourself”. She also enjoys educating her guests on how to maintain and recreate salon-fresh hair every day.

Lex loves to talk about music with her guests, as she is a huge music festival enthusiast. Be sure to ask about her travels, or her most recent fest, next time you’re in her chair!

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