BELLAMI Certified Master Stylist

I use BELLAMI premium hair extensions which are considered to be the most recognized hair extension brand in the world. I choose to work specifically with this brand because they:

  • Use the highest quality cuticle intact, 100% Remy human hair.
  • Have 42 shades in Natural, Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, and Rooted
  • Are available in 4 different methods of extension installation; I Tip, Keratin bond or K Tip, Tape-in, and Volume weft sew in method using beaded rows.

This allows me to fully customize to your hair goals. A consultation is required for all New Extension Clients and is always complimentary. Prices vary depending on method used, length of hair desired, and quantity needed, to achieve the desired look. Below you can find a starting price range for each method of installation and maintenance.

Professional care products are required to ensure the longevity of your extensions.


“Danielle came in on her day off to spend 6 hours giving me the blonde that I really wanted but wasn’t achieving. She gave me beautiful extensions and the perfect blonde! She is a master at her craft and I’m elated to be her new client for life.”

– Ashley Curtis, Louisville, KY

Extension Appointment Policy

Hair must be clean, dry, and free of styling products and conditioners prior to service to ensure adhesion with all methods. Recommended products required for prep will be provided at time of consultation once installation appointment is reserved. 50% deposit is required 2 weeks prior to installation appointment. 72 Hours required to reschedule or cancel appointment to avoid forfeit of deposit.

**All prices listed below are starting prices.**

Volume Weft

Volume weft sew-in extensions are a very popular method of extensions. With this method I install the weft on to a beaded foundation with thread focusing on the natural direction of hair growth (without braiding). Maintenance on this method of extensions is required between 6-8 weeks.

We offer volume weft hair extensions at our Louisville, KY Salon to ensure that there will be no disturbances to the natural direction and growth of your hair.

Initial Installation……….$900+

Maintenance Schedule Pricing

6 Week adjustment (beads only)…$75.00
6 Week re-install…$150.00
7 Week adjustment (beads only)…$100.00
7 Week re-install…$175.00
8 Week adjustment (beads only)…$125.00
8 Week re-install…$200.00

Beads only- refers to adjusting the position of the bead on the hair. Only one bead adjustment is allowed in between re-installs.
Re-install requires full removal of the weft and re-positioning of the foundation before weft is re-installed.

Hidden Bead Method is available upon request.

I-Tip Extensions

A method of installation that is free of both adhesive and heat. I Tips are attached to small sections of hair with silicon lined beads. This type of installation allows for the reuse of hair for up to 12 months and requires a 6-8 week maintenance schedule.

At the salon in Louisville, KY our hair stylists will tell you if you’re a candidate for I-tip hair extensions.

Initial Installation……….$1,250+

Maintenance Schedule Pricing

6 Week…$150.00
7 Week…$225.00
8 Week…$300.00

How hair is cared for can affect the cost of maintenance. Price of installation varies depending on amount of hair needed to create desired look.

Tape In Extensions

Method using pre-taped wefts approximately 1 inch wide to sandwich sections of hair between. Requires 6-8 week maintenance schedule.

Tape-in hair extensions can be used by almost anyone that walks through our salon doors in Louisville, KY.

Initial Installation……….$1,000+

Maintenance Schedule Pricing

6 Week Re-Install…$250.00
7 Week Re-Install…$300.00
8 Week Re-Install…$350.00

Prices may vary depending on hair needed and and desired look.

Are you ready for long, beautiful, thick hair?

Are you tired of trying treatments, oils, washes, and vitamins that promise long hair but yield little results?

We deliver custom, beautiful, natural, all-human hair extensions at Alter’d Culture in Louisville, KY. There are so many different styles, terms, and types, that it can get overwhelming if you are new to the world of hair extensions.

Our stylists at Alter’d Culture in Louisville, KY are trained in placing several types of hair extensions.

We are here to break things down, make it simple, and give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.

3 Types of Extensions We Offer

Clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, sew-in, volume weft pre-bonded, fusion, keratin bond, micro-link – the world of hair extensions can quickly become confusing. There are so many different types of hair extensions, all promising to deliver Beyoncé-worthy results. At Alter’d Culture in Louisville, KY – we stick to three main types of hair extensions that work in any situation to give you the look you want without all the fuss.

Volume Weft

If you have short hair, or a blunt haircut and want some extra length or volume, a weft might be exactly what you’re looking for. Volume weft hair is ideal for coarse, curly, or naturally thick hair to give you length or volume.

Weft extensions are installed directly to your natural hair by beads, or braids, to give you a super secure base. They will need to be moved up every 4-8 weeks, depending on your hair growth. Our stylists at Alter’d Culture in Louisville are trained in installing volume weft extensions using a looping tool, beads, a micro-beaded threader, a spool of nylon-based thread and a curved sewing needle.

I-Tip Extensions

If you have fine or coarse, medium or thick hair and it’s completely free from chemicals (like a relaxer or a perm) – you’re a candidate for I-tip extensions. These are the Hollywood secret no one wants you to know about. While they’ve been a popular option offered at high-end salons for years, they are just now becoming more mainstream.

I-Tip extensions latch on to your natural hair with a microbead or a tiny copper cylinder (the combination of metal is why it’s important not to mix I-tip extensions with chemical treatments). Because they are on the individual piece of hair, it makes it more natural looking, and allows for a topknot, ponytail or braided style without worrying about covering up your extensions.

Tape in hair extensions are a less expensive option at our Louisville, KY salon.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions win the popularity contest when it comes to adding in extra locks. They are one of the more affordable extension options, which makes them more popular. Tape-in hair extensions can be used by almost anyone.

Tape-in extensions use medical grade adhesive to sandwich your natural hair between two wefts of hair extensions. The wefts are only 1-inch wide, so you’ll have several wefts across your entire head. The adhesive is very thin, feels light, and lays flat. Tape-ins are easy to blend in with your natural hair as long as they are done by a professional.

At Alter’d Culture in Louisville, we take the time to ensure that your extensions are always distributed evenly in terms of length, volume, and texture to give you a natural and beautiful look.

Removing & Replacing Extensions

You should never attempt to remove your hair extensions yourself. You will likely do more damage to your existing hair, and it’s not safe to attempt this without a trained professional.

If you wish to remove your extensions or are having any type of issues with them, please contact Alter’d Culture as soon as possible. 

FAQs About Extensions

The hair itself can be reused and can last up to a year, but extensions do require upkeep and specific professional products. As your hair grows, the extensions will need to be repositioned. Most extensions will need to be removed and repositioned every 4-8 weeks. The only kind of extensions that last longer are clip-ins since you’re not wearing them every single day.

Hair extensions can be a great option to protect damaged hair. With hair extensions in, it can help prevent heat damage and experiment with new looks while avoiding potential damage to your hair. When you work with an experienced stylist, they can help you experiment with the colors, cuts, and styles you want, without actually damaging your existing hair.

You should nourish, wash, and care for your hair extensions the same way you do your natural hair. Your stylist will recommend a professional product regimen to maintain your extensions.

BELLAMI premium hair extensions are considered to be the most recognized hair extension brand in the world.

Why Choose Alter’d Culture?

You can trust our stylists at Alter'd Culture to never install any type of hair extension that would compromise the integrity of your hair.

At Alter’d Culture, we are trained and experienced in all hair textures so that we can find the best style that works for you. We never do any type of extension or hair treatment that would compromise the integrity of your hair. If your hair is too brittle or weak to handle an I-tip or weft, we’ll start with a tape-in. If you want extra length without a lot of volume, we can work with that too.

During your extension consultation, we will go through each option and weigh the pros and cons. We will select the best option for you, including color matching to make sure your new look is flawless. After the extensions are complete, we will make sure to show you how to style and care for your extensions so you can leave the salon with confidence.

The Last Strand 

Extensions are a big commitment, and they can be a serious investment. Before you commit, set up a consultation to come in and chat with our team at Alter’d Culture in Louisville, KY.

We will first evaluate your current hair to see if it has the strength and density to support extensions, then we can discuss what type works best for you. Whether you’re looking for added volume, added length, or full-on Rapunzel, we are ready for you. Give us a call and stop by today!

Looking To Refresh Your Style?

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