Thorough Consultations

Before every appointment, we will discuss what has worked for you and if anything needs adjusting to ensure your cut is perfect for you.


Your hair is as unique as is its texture. Our stylists are trained in specific techniques regarding texture and are sure to give you the perfect cut for your tresses.

Salon Perfect Everyday

Finding the perfect cut for you is only half the service. Our stylists walk through care and styling maintenance to keep you looking like you just stepped out of the salon.


“Danielle has been doing my hair for years and I recommend her to everyone I know. She is constantly researching new techniques and products. Danielle is not only dedicated to the appearance of your hair but also keeping it healthy. She can do anything!”

– Ronee Carrier, Louisville, KY

Looking To Refresh Your Style?

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Our hairstylists at Alter'd Culture in Louisville, KY are trained in many types of haircuts and styling techniques for your everyday needs.

Haircut & Style


  • relaxing shampoo
  • customized haircut
  • blowdry style

Children’s Cut

Children 10 & under does not include a shampoo – only dry cut. Parent or Guardian must be an existing Guest.

We get it, you are ready for a change, right? You’ve been perusing Instagram and Pinterest for weeks, but you’re still not sure. How difficult is it to maintain blunt ends? What styling tools are required for shaggy layers? And will a long bob really work with your face shape and hair type?

We are right there with you. As cut and style experts in Louisville, KY we are always on top of the latest trends in haircuts to get a beautiful new do that is 100% totally YOU. With Alter’d Culture on your side, you get stylish, trendy, and easy-care hair that’s customized just for you.

Choosing the Best Cut for your Hair Type

Finding a style that works with your lifestyle is essential. In order to do that, you’ve got to work with the hair you already have. Start by determining your hair type, and consider the following best haircuts based on hair type.

Thin Hair: We are talking about how much hair you have on your head, not the diameter of your actual hair strands. Take a front section of your hair and pull it to the side. If you can visibly see your scalp, you have thin hair.

At Alter'd Culture in Louisville, KY we help you find the best haircut for your type of hair!

Best cut and style for Thin Hair: Thin hair should be kept together, not layered out. Layers will always make thin hair look more thin, so consider a blunt edge cut. A long bob or angled bob can also be a beautiful look for fine hair. Keep the texture to a minimum to maintain and strengthen your length as much as possible.

Medium Hair: If you pull your hair to the side and you can see some of your scalp, but it’s not completely visible, you have medium hair. You can also try the ponytail test – put your hair in a ponytail and measure the circumference. Less than two inches is on the thinner side, more than 2 inches is on the thicker side.

Best cut and style for Medium Hair:  The world is truly your oyster here. You can pull off a variety of lengths and options. A straight cut can add volume to your hair if you’re on the thin side, while adding layers will add movement and reduce weight. The type and volume of layers and texture should be determined by a professional hairstylist who can customize your cut to your hair needs.

Thick Hair: If you can pull your hair to the side and still see nothing but hair, you’ve got a thick head of hair.

Best cut and style for Thick Hair: Chances are, you will need some sort of layering, long layers tend to work better because they’ll help with weight removal. You can also pull off a short do with graduated layers, but it will require more upkeep and regular cuts. Blunt cuts are doable but may require your stylist to remove bulk within the interior of your hair through various options. The main goal is to debulk the density in your hair and give you a style you can manage day-to-day without spending hours working through your luscious locks.

Haircut Services That We Provide

Relaxing Shampoo Treatment

Who doesn’t like to sit back, relax and have someone massage your scalp and shampoo your hair. At Alter’d Culture, haircuts and style appointments come with a relaxing shampoo treatment. This is done for the enjoyment of the guest and to get your scalp and hair a good cleaning before your style.

We offer many services here at Alter'd Culture in Louisville, KY. Stop by for haircuts, smoothing treatments and a blow-dry & style.

Customized Haircuts

Your haircut should be as unique as your fingerprint. After all, it’s what makes you an individual. Great haircuts compliments your personality and your lifestyle. Because everyone has a unique face shape and hair type, having a professional to combine your shape, style, and texture into a customized haircut is the best way to get a cut you love. Our haircut stylists in Louisville, KY are experts at creating a balance between the texture of your hair, the shape of your face or features, the time and energy you have for day-to-day styling, and the look you love.

Blow Dry & Style

After haircuts are complete, we provide a full blow dry and style in our Louisville, KY salon. The blow dry is an important step to the hair cutting process because it allows us to add in finishing touches, clean up the cut, and perfect the final shape. Having a haircut without a blow dry is like driving a car in the dark without headlights – you’re not seeing as much as you need to see. This is where the customization really comes in and this part can only be done after a proper blow dry. Your personal haircut stylist can also identify and correct any styling challenges you face to turn a decent haircut into a great style.

Inversion Cutting Technique

Also known as Sakasama, inversion cutting is all about working with your natural shape to create customized layers and textures where you need them most. The idea is to release weight, maintain length, and create movement. This technique has been used for years, but not everyone knows how to customize it correctly. Simply using traditional cutting techniques can often result in less than perfect shape, we follow a variety of techniques like inversion or over direction to create a professional look.

FAQs on Haircuts

Sure, you can go into the salon and we are happy to take care of you – but in order to get the result you want, there are a few things you should know before scheduling haircuts. 

  • First, know your face shape. Or better yet the features of your face you prefer to accentuate or diminish. This is helpful to decide what cut will look best on you. The easiest way to determine your face shape is to look at your jawline. if your jawline juts out more toward the sides (think Olivia Wilde), you have a square face. If it’s rounded to your ears (think Christina Ricci), you have a round face. If your chin is somewhat pointy and your jaw has an angle (like Sarah Jessica Parker), you have an oval face. If your chin is the pointiest part of your face and your jawline curves in, you have a heart-shaped face (like Reese Witherspoon).
  • Second, know your hair texture. Is your hair coarse? Curly? Fine? Or somewhere in between? Your natural wash-and-go texture makes a huge difference in how your cut ends up. Find photos of people who look like they have your hair texture, and get inspiration there instead of wishing for hair you don’t have.
  • Third, keep realistic expectations. Understand that most photos are edited, most celebrities have personal stylists and many of them actually wear fake hair most of the time. Instead, talk with your stylist about what is possible for you and what style you’ll be able to maintain day-to-day.
  • Lastly, if you’re ready for a change, make sure you’re really ready. If you’re chopping off 12 inches, there’s no going back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone (of course, it will always grow back). We encourage thinking about a major change for about a month to avoid a spontaneous decision you’ll regret later. But if you are going to bed looking at haircuts and waking up dreaming about pixie cuts, it’s time to take the plunge.

It’s time for a haircut if you can no longer achieve the style you want, or if the ends of your hair are visibly damaged. Generally, this is anywhere from 4-8 weeks for shorter cuts, and longer hair can go 3-4 months in between cuts.

The best way to maintain your hair is to start with a good haircut (that’s where we come in). After that, there are a few quick tips you can do to maintain your beautiful new look:

  • Don’t overwash; shampoo strips your hair of natural oils, so keep washing to 2-3 days a week. When you wash, don’t skip conditioning, this will keep your hair healthy and nourished.
  • Use high quality tools along with a progressional heat protection spray that won’t harm your hair.
  • Choose a brush that won’t break your hair off, instead choose something smooth and gentle.
  • Take a break from your styling products and blow-dryer once in a while on a casual Friday and let your hair breathe.

Why Choose Alter’d Culture?

We are exceptional in helping our clients find their ideal haircuts that work with their lifestyles and routines. We make it our business to keep up with the latest trends so you always look amazing when you walk out of our doors. Your hair is our most important priority. We are experienced in all textures of hair to work with your most beautiful assets. Before every appointment, you will have an in-depth consultation to talk about your hair goals and we never do any treatment that will compromise the integrity of your hair. Before you leave, we will show you how to style your new do and what products will work best for it. At Alter’d Culture in Louisville, KY we are more than haircuts – we provide beautiful lifestyles.

To keep your hair looking fresh, out stylists in Louisville, KY recommend getting haircuts every month or two.

The Final Cut

If it’s been more than 12 weeks since your last haircut, it’s time to make an appointment. Even if you love long hair and want to maintain your length, getting regular haircuts and trims can make a huge difference in taking an inch off every so often or taking up to three inches off because of the damage done to your hair. If you have a short hairstyle that requires ongoing maintenance, give us a call today to keep your style fresh.

Located right in Louisville, KY we are ready to transform your look, maintain your style, and take care of your locks. Give us a call today, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Looking To Refresh Your Style?

Let Alter’d Culture Help You Find Your New Look.