“I cannot say enough about how amazing this salon is. Both of my parents were hairdressers and no one has ever touched my hair besides them. The day came where I needed to find someone. I am so grateful that I found Danielle. She had big shoes to fill , and she certainly did! No one will ever touch my hair but her. She takes the time to educate me about my hair & the right products for my hair. Danielle gave me my 1st extensions & no one could believe they were extensions, that’s how amazing she is!
Everyone in the salon is amazing! I will never go anywhere else.”

— Tijen Lines

“This group of wonderful ladies are by far the best stylist around. They always make me feel welcomed.”

— Mo Hadley

“I’ve only been going to this salon for 6 months but I’ve been SO happy with the results each time.”

— Allyson Quick

“The salon is beautiful and everyone here is so welcoming. I also love that while there is street parking available, there is also plenty of guest parking in the lot around the back! The products used smelled heavenly and I will definitely be purchasing some soon. Another huge plus for me is the shampoo bowls were the super comfortable kind!”

— Abby Gabriel

“I love this place. I’m so happy I found it on google one day. I saw the great reviews and loved the location where it was at! At first, I was going to Great Clips and getting mediocre haircuts. Now being a regular at Alter’d Culture”

— Hunter Freeman

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy with a cut in my life. She got exactly what I wanted and more. Will definitely be back and will refer my friends who don’t know where to go.”

Brittany Bennett

“Danielle is the most talented stylist I’ve been to. She really listens to you, looks at pictures with you, and shows examples of hair colors to make sure she give you the color and tones you are looking for.

– E Mo

“I had my first appointment with Danielle a couple weeks ago and I am so happy with the results! I feel like a lot of salons are kind of pretentious, but that’s not the case here. The vibe is good and from what I witnessed the people that work there are all kind and seem to love what they do.”

— Trisha Meek

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