I am constantly being asked why I use L’Oréal and if it is the same as the brand you see at your local drug store. The answer is Yes and NO.
Loreal Brand was created in 1909 by a man named Eugene Schueller, a chemist who formulated the World’s first safe permanent hair color and founded the company. Loreal Brand has now grown into the #1 beauty company in the world and has 4 unique brand groups consisting of L’Oréal Professionelle, L’Oréal Luxe L’Oréal Active, and L’Oréal Paris. Let’s discuss L’Oréal Professionelle what I use and L’Oréal Paris what you can buy at your local drug store.

L’Oréal Professionelle color is formulated using Ionene G and Incell technology, strengthening and reinforcing hair from the inside out. The same technology is used as the basis for Serie Expert hair care and TecniArt styling lines available within the L’Oréal Professionelle brand. This ensures that your hair is always being nourished and improved with both your in-salon color services and your at home care and styling regimen. I chose this brand strategically knowing that they are the leading company in technology for the best in professional color services.

L’Oreal Paris the brand’s consumer line deserve its respect as an economical option. Many Professional and high-end companies also own lower more economically priced brand lines. For example, Lancôme and Maybelline are both owned by L’Oreal Group but are vastly different in terms of price and quality. The more economically priced lines usually do not use the same amount of active ingredients or use alternate less expensive ingredients and more fillers. Another example being Schwarzkopf a professional hair color line owned by the Henkle Group who also owns Got2B haircare. Like L’Oreal they both have their name on drugstore brands while having quite different and higher end Professional lines. L’Oreal actually uses profits from it’s consumer line L’Oreal Paris to further advance it’s research and development of the L’Oreal Professionelle line. The same holds true for clothing, restaurant, home décor, skincare and make-up brands. Just give it a quick google search and you will likely be surprised.

What is important is not the name on the outside of the bottle but the quality of ingredients and technology within and how it supports your hair and the services you have done with your stylist. In our salon everything from your customized color formulation, hair care regimen, and styling techniques are tailored to not only your hair needs but also your desired look, hair texture and lifestyle. Something you just can’t find at your local drug store.
So there you have it, My why behind L’Oreal and why I choose to use their professional line.